Overall Score2
  • Fin Selection
  • Fin Availability
  • Program Cost

In June I joined the Finatic Fin Testing Program and while I love fins I really dislike sales guys like the owner of Finatic and The Surfboard Warehouse, Chris Hough known as the shamwow guy of surfing. Finatic is like Netflix for fins but fins cost way more than DVDs, according to Netflix DVDs are $14, and Blu-rays are $20, plus tax. What happens if you bust a fin on the inside or scratch one in the parking lot? I referred to the Finatic terms and conditions for the answer, “Upon loss or destruction (based on our discretion) of an entire set fins you will be required to pay CURRENT FULL RETAIL PRICE for that set of fins.” So basically if you damage a fin The Surfboard Warehouse is going to charge your credit card that they have on file and they reserve the right to pick the price themselves. The basic Finatic membership costs $9.99 a month, that’s $119.88 a year to borrow surfboard fins!

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