Eric Mitchell started Oliver Surfboards to make quality custom surfboards that he handcrafts for the individual surfer and the beaches their surfing. This is something you will not find in a generic brand name surfboard you buy off the rack at a surf shop. Eric is passionate about getting to know the surfers riding his surfboards and what they want to get out of a surfboard. He specializes in making shortboard variations but enjoys shaping all kinds of boards and is influenced by craftsmen like Dano, Tim Stamps, John Carper, Bill Johnson and the crew at Pureglass in Costa Mesa, California. Eric acquired the nickname Oliver while working at a glass shop as a kid. He frequently wore an Oliver Twist style hat and the older guys at the shop started calling him “Oliver” in a British accent. The name stuck and Oliver Surfboards was born shortly after… I am working with Eric on a model we are calling the White Knuckle that is similar to the original Roberts White Diamond surfboard Dane Reynolds rode that started the whole Dumpster Diver craze! Check out oliversurfboards.com for more info and to see the entire Oliver Surfboards lineup.





Oliver Surfboards photos by: Jeremiah Klein

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